About the Big Men

The BMRWFC is an exclusive organization with a proud history, with its primary activity being the running of the most prestigous fantasy AFL competition in the world.  In 2006, it includes 16 participating members plus two social members.  The BMRWFC was spawned by the Big Men, the Lads and the Rest of the World - an intricate social and sporting matrix which has ties between some members exceeding 30 years. 


The Big Men, the Lads and the Rest of the World emerged from three distinct backgrounds.  Undoubtedly, the linchpin in bringing these groups together was the Godfather Derek Osborn.  Derek grew up in Willetton and first made acquaintances with members Farrow and Chia at a very young age.  When attending Rossmoyne High, the cartel grew to include members Dennett, Sprunt and Ravn. 

Osborn, not happy with the limited diversity of the Rossmoyne group, established links with the second main power base, the "Architecture Alliance" at UWA, which included members Cake, Jorgensen, Manser-Smith and Pavlinovich.

The third spoke in the wheel was forged by member Sprunt at the Engineering faculty of Curtin University.  It was here that he met member Flanagan, who subsequently introduced the "Aquinian Faction" which also included members Fry and O'Connor.

A few odd sorts have also been collected along the away - some active members, some not.  Cakey claims to have been the first to meet member Berridge via an ex girlfriend, however Berro really became an established member through his Hockey Club association with the almighty Osborn.  Sue Lovell, then girlfriend and current wife of Osborn was a member briefly in 1996 (and the only ever female to be so honoured), and she was responsible for bringing member Owen on board.  Due to the strict male only criteria of the Big Men, this anomoly has been corrected and Sue has been expelled.

Later in proceedings,  Pav introduced member Barrett-Lennard, followed by member Johnston, who in turn brought in member Reimann.  In 2006, following prolonged periods of inactivity and poor comitment,   Mark Owen was suspended and replaced by another foreigner, Mark Toomath, who obtained his license by way of friendship with Davo.

This link should clear things up.

Birth of the Big Man and the Lads

It all started one fateful evening in 1990 when  a few future members got together at a party at UWA.  In attendance were Osborn, Jorgo, Cakey, Davo, Wizza and the long forgotten "Euro Mike" - Michael Drake.  Events of the evening are hazy, but it is widely believed that Jorgo, Derek and Cakey briefly stole a toilet bowl that was being used to serve punch, urinated in it, and subsequently returned it to the party, presumably to serve more punch.  Understandably, the other patrons of the party were not happy about this and after a bit of a scuffle, all were ejected.  Rumour also has it that Euro Mike scrawled some derogatory comments about architects on a wall in the Uni, but this is unconfirmed.   Member Jorgo vehemently denies any role in "Toiletbowlgate", instead claiming that one Michael Chin (no BMRWFC status) was involved.

At some stage during the evening, it was determined, likely by devine revelation, that Derek, Cakey and Jorgo would be the "Big Men".  At the same time, it was decided that Davo, Wizza and Euro Mike would be "The Lads"  Anyone else was to be the "Rest of the World". 

And so the Big Men, the Lads and the  Rest of the World came into existince.  Subsequent members who were granted "Rest of the World" status were Dennett, Chia, Berridge and Ravn. Whether "Rest of World" status extends to the remaining members is unclear


It was not until 1996 when the Big Men, Rest of the World Football Club (BMRWFC) was formed, when Osborn, Lovell, Cake, Jorgensen, Farrow, Sprunt and Dennett kicked off the innaugural season.  No-one knows for sure why "The Lads" were left out of the title, but that is the way the chips fell. 

Membership hierachy

Name Type Year Joined Status
Osborn Big Man 1990 Active
Cake Big Man 1990 Active
Jorgensen Big Man 1990 Active
Farrow Lad 1990 Lapsed
Sprunt Lad 1990 Active
Euro Mike Lad 1990 Defunct
Dennett Rest of World 1990 Active
Chia Rest of World 1990 Active
Ravn Rest of World 1990 Active
Berridge Rest of World 1990 Lapsed
Lovell BMRWFC Affiliate 1996 Expelled
Flanagan BMRWFC Affiliate 1991 Active
Fry BMRWFC Affiliate 1997 Active
O'Connor BMRWFC Affiliate 1998 Active
Owen BMRWFC Affiliate 2003 Suspended
Manser-Smith BMRWFC Affiliate 2003 Active
Pavlinovich BMRWFC Affiliate 2003 Active
Barrett-Lennard BMRWFC Affiliate 2003 Active
Johnston BMRWFC Affiliate
2005 Active
Reimann BMRWFC Affiliate
2005 Active
Toomath Trial 2006 Active